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Tabitha Jayne
Transform Loss and Learn to Live - Special Report and FREE Coaching Session
"12 Transformational Tips - Loss to Life" Report and FREE "Life after Loss"
Private Coaching Session designed to help you get the balance between living and grieving so that you can create a happier, more meaningful life after loss.



Suzanne Kirkland Kincaid

Financial Freedom on $1 a Day Audio & Report

Suzanne Kirkland Kincaid, author of Financial Freedom On $1 a Day, features her simple system for making money. Thousands of people around the world use her system. You can too. Get paid vacations, lower taxes, teach kids business, FUNdraise and live in vibrant health and wealth on $1 a day!



Sheri Kaye Hoff

Keys to Living Joyfully Telesummit

Your FREE bonus from Coach Sheri is the mp3 recordings of the Keys to Living Joyfully Telesummit. The recordings consist of five hours of Coach Sheri as she conducts coaching and lifestyle interviews with experts in their field. Get inspired today. Value of over $400


Robert McDowell

Poetry Mentor

MP3s of five original, poetry-based meditations written and recorded by poet and teacher Robert McDowell. Add to your daily practice or enjoy on your IPOD.


Reiki Awakening

Experience and Learn Reiki Energy Healing

Intro to Reiki - an hour long video class which gives a comprehensive introduction to Reiki energy healing. It's in .exe format and has interactive elements. $10 value - download and play on your computer any time.



Powerful You! Women's Network

Powerful You! Women's Network

Free E-book: 19 Conscious Networking Tips That Work - Networking is the easiest, most cost-effective way to grow your business - when know how. Conscious Networking provides simple strategies that help you to gain the confidence and referrals. These strategies keep you top of mind, grow your business and help you enjoy the process.



Peggy McColl

The 21 Distinctions of Wealth Checklist, Positive Change Video & Powerful Wealth-Attraction Audio download

From the New York Times Best Selling Author of the hard cover book 21 Distinctions of Wealth, Peggy McColl is giving you your checklist for you to track your progress as you are enriching your life with the life-changing affirmations from each of the distinctions. You will also receive a short (yet powerful) video Peggy McColl created for you to play on your computer to give you the 3 step process to attracting more abundance and you will receive an audio download of wealth affirmations.



Paul Klein

Helping To Focus On Long Term Success

Seize Control of Your Life and Progress to Success. Stop wasting your time and energy trying to achieve success in whatever you want. Develop the winning attitude and traits needed with ease. This ebook will help you develop self confidence, identify and deal with your shortcomings, plan your dreams and goals and follow through!



Nancy Brook

Cycling, Wine, and Men - FREE Preview

FREE PDF preview of upcoming book: "Cycling, Wine, and Men: A Midlife Tour de France." The memoir chronicles author Nancy Brook's parallel journeys: one on a bike cycling across France, the other as a single woman cycling through men. It’s like “Eat, Pray, Love”—with a lot more wine!






Melonie Dodaro

Why You Can’t Lose Weight (and what you can do about it) Consumer’s Guide

  • 7 weight loss myths and how it’s keeping you from living the healthy lifestyle you want
  • 4 misconceptions about weight loss programs that is costing you money, time, effort, energy – and even your health
  • 5 deadly secrets the weight loss industry doesn’t want me to reveal
  • 4 diet mistakes to avoid plus 5 steps to choosing a healthy weight loss program


Plus The MindBody FX Lifestyle Book Preview and discover that food is not your enemy – your mind is!



Michelle Casto aka Bright Michelle

Live Your Soul Purpose Assessment

Take this short quiz to see where you are on your path of purpose and discover how to move forward with ease and grace towards more success and happiness in your life.


Melissa Maguire

Take Time 4 your Life

* Learn extreme self care "ME" time
* How to set priorities and boundaries
* How to create a absolute yes list and a procrastination list
* How to start investing in your financial health
A free hour with a coach to support you through it all


Louise Rouse

The Concious Way Toward Healing Grief

For 5 weeks you will receive a guided step-by-step liberating process of awakening to living fully once again. Release your "chain of pain" and discover how to have an Invisible Relationship. Learn how powerful your thoughts are to create and communicate. Remember nothing ever dies it only transforms.



Loren Fogelman

“Easily Reach Your Goals”

How often have you tried to change an old habit and eventually went back to it? When you focus on the negative, the energy flow in your body reverses.

Gain the secret to success. It is at your finger tips. Correct the energy and experience success with reaching your goals.

Ready to get out of overwhelm, taking a no-excuses approach to growing your business with confidence? Contact Loren for a F.R.E.E. Gear Up for Success Consultation.


Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey is a lifestyle designer and relationship expert and the author of What's Your Dosha, Baby? Discover the Vedic Way for Compatibility in Life and Love. She is a frequent contributor to The Today Show. Deepak Chopra says, "Your heart will thank you for Lissa's helpful and heartful vision."  Visit Website »

From Relationship Expert Lissa Coffey, the Dosha Diva: Secret Mantras for Attraction, Ancient Sanskrit mantras to attract your ideal partner.



Lisa Michaels

Author & President of Natural Rhythms Institute

Activate your personal power and ignite your inner gifts with Nature’s sacred forces. Learn to hear the messages of the elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit) with our 6 part mini course and workbook and boost your capacity to create your life, personally and professionally.


Lisa Larter

Social Media eBook and Dictionary
A copy of the Social Media Secrets for Success ebook to guide you on your Social Media Journey and a copy of my Social Media Dictionary with explanations for all the terms that confuse the heck out of you! This ebook

    * What to look for in a Facebook Friend
    * The Stuff No One tells you about Twitter
    * Social Skills required to Engage and Build Trust



Lisa Bloom

Free e-Book and Business Breakthrough Coaching Session

Lisa Bloom, founder of Story Coach Inc. helps women entrepreneurs beat exhaustion, overwhelm and stress and find confidence, balance and earn more money by finding their success story.

Lisa is offering her E-Book “5 Savvy Success Secrets for Women Entrepreneurs” and a transformational “Business Breakthrough” Story Coaching Session ($300 value) where you’ll uncover the challenges that are jeopardizing your business success, and leave the session re-energized to make your business highly profitable and your lifestyle balanced and joyful.


Lexie Moon

Amp Up Your Thin Vibe with FREE Meditation

Releasing and Reshaping to Your Ideal Body Daily Meditation

Get your free meditation now. Use this ""Releasing and Reshaping to Your Ideal Body"" meditation every day to:

* Amp Up Your Thin Vibe With Lightening Speed
* Make deep lasting changes on an energetic level
* Feel Sexy in your body now
* Make actual physical changes to your body


Leonard Szymczak

Psychotherapist Leonard Szymczak is the Amazon bestselling author of “The Roadmap Home: Your GPS to Inner Peace.” It is a heartfelt guide to connect with your internal GPS which guides you Home.
Receive the following free gifts:
“Create Inner Peace” guided visualization in a downloadable MP3 format
Introduction, overview and first chapter of “The Roadmap Home.”
GPS News.


Larry Crane

Larry Crane is a self-made millionaire businessman, author and teacher to Fortune 500 executives and partner to billionaires. The Release Technique by Larry Crane will teach you how to eliminate any and all negativity on the spot—leaving you in a powerfully positive position to create only the good things in life that you desire. Discover for yourself why this course works. Free audio samples will show you how to eliminate all fear and frustration once and for all.



Julian Jackson

The Missing Link To Permanent Weight Loss

Get your FREE Video and special report on how to lose weight and keep it off.




Dr. Joe Rubino

Create Soaring Self Esteem

"FREE GIFTS: 7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem Audio and Success Club Membership from Dr. Joe Rubino, & creator of “The Self-Esteem Book: The Ultimate Guide to Success and Happiness.” Download your FREE gifts and create soaring self-esteem, abundance, happiness, and your dream life. ($129 Value…Yours Free!)


Jim Moeller

Free Downloads!

Since 1985 Serenity has been creating music, guided imagery, and written word in support of relaxation and healing. Yours free: A download of several Serenity songs, ebook of A Journey of Reflections (by Serenity founder, Jim Moeller) and a guided imagery entitled Daily Focus (by Serenity artist Max Highstein).


Jackie Lapin

Beyond The Law Of Attraction: How Conscious Creation Can Help You Create The Blueprint For Your Future

You’ve heard about the Law of Attraction. You must begin pro-actively Consciously Creating Your Life—marshalling all of your intent, energy, creative visionary skills and power of creation to manifest the future you choose to live. This powerful ebook explains the science that proves that going from vision to reality is more than just myth.


Heather Picken

Client Attraction and Releasing Your Money Blocks

Mp3- Releasing your Money blocks for your business and SECRETS to attracting more clients and sales!

Mp3- Prosperity Meditation

Chance to win a FREE MONEY BREAKTHROUGH Session! $400 Value


Hasmark Services

Ten Invaluable Tips to Help You Promote and Sell Your Book

Writing a book is a huge investment of time and energy but your efforts can’t stop there. In order for your work to reach its fullest potential you need a marketing strategy that will get it out to the masses. The marketing experts at Hasmark Services have put together a free report to help you do just that.



Happy Kids Festival

Family Fun Pass

Happy Kids Festival is the world's first virtual festival of family fun. With the Family Fun Pass your family gets access to hours of family friendly content which focus on positive messages of genuine kindness, respecting and celebrating uniqueness and caring for each other and our world. Be entertained! Be Inspired!


Gina Mollicone-Long

Two Chapters of International Best-seller, Think or Sink
PLUS BONUS Inspirational Video of 42 Things that will change your life

Value: $29.00
Stress is a concept, not an actual ""thing"" - you can't put it in a wheelbarrow. Stress is actually a CHOICE. It's a choice that you make. The good news is that if stress can be chosen then it can also be UNCHOSEN!
"Thinking is the highest function you are capable of.  This book will help you improve every aspect of your life.  Buy two and give one to a friend."



Explore Your Spirit with Kala

Explore Your Spirit with Kala and enjoy the Spirit of Hawaii

It's time to connect with the loving Spirit of Hawaii, the secrets of the islands are meant to be shared... Sign up for the FREE Explore Your Spirit with Kala Newsletter and receive a FREE mp3 download of Kala's Guided Meditation - Spirit of Hawaii.

There are sacred areas which enhance our intuitive abilities and allow us to connect deeper with the Earth and our soul. The islands of Hawaii circulate this loving energy giving birth to new ideas and creativity. Explore the islands in this gentle meditation.


Elaine Wilkes

Elaine Wilkes, Ph.D., N.C., M.A.

LEED Outside the Box Solutions for Inside Your Body and Mind

Elaine is the Hay House author of Nature’s Secret Messages: Hidden in Plain Sight that was awarded a rare star recommendation from Publishers Weekly. She specializes in total body and mind health, and what we can learn from Nature’s four billlion years of profound wisdom.

Her gift is inspiring, loving, and motivational digital pictures to put on your computer background or in digital photo frames. Don’t worry, SEE happy.



Dr Tom Potisk

Holistic health info

4 Free Reports:
-The 5 Most Dangerous Exercises and Their Safer Alternatives.
-How to Make The Healing Salad.
-How to Get Control of Your Child's Electronic Gaming.
-How to Check Yourself for Spinal Structural Misalignments.



Doris Helge, Ph.D.

Free Joy Toolkit for Uncertain Times.

You've seen "The Joy Coach" on "The Today Show," CNN & NPR. Doris Helge, Ph.D., author of best-sellers "Joy on the Job" & "Transforming Pain Into Power" has taught thousands of people just like you to claim more joy. Claim YOUR happiness with this special package of ebooks, mp3s, & meditations.


Debbie Rivera

Relationship Coach and Intimacy Expert

How committed are you to improving your relationship? Here is the next step to the secrets that everyone needs for a happy relationship.

Download your free e-book "7 Secrets To Keeping Love Alive in Your Relationship" now. Start right away to bridge the distance and create real intimacy in your relationship.



Dawn Allen

Dating & Relationship Coaching

Dawn is offering her “5 Secrets to Love” E-Book and a "Find Your Soul Mate" Private Coaching Session ($300 value) where you'll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success with men, and discover the single most important step you can take towards attracting the right man for a relationship.


Coach with Heart Dan Wiegold
Energy Leadership Assessment 
Find out what your energetic level is? Improve your personal energy in life and get better results today. Normally $250, for this amazing assessment $75, includes 1 hour debrief.  

Go to the webpage and send a message and get your Energy Leadership Index Assessment for a great price.  Or ask for the e-book "What would I do if I knew I wouldn't fail"



Christy Whitman

Magnetizing Yourself!

Learn how to turn on your money magnet and magnetize whatever you desire by learning how to work with energy. This is an advanced meditation technique that will help you turn what you want from energy into matter.



Chaney Weiner

Wealth Mastery Success Mini Course and Coaching Call ($79 value)

In the Wealth Mastery Success 5 lesson mini course and coaching call you'll learn:

*The 2 main things that keep you stuck from attracting what you want
*One of the most important factors involved in attracting what you want that is rarely discussed
*The tricks your mind uses to keep you stuck
*How some of your self-talk is keeping you stuck
*How long it really takes to attract what you want into your life


Cecily MacArthur

FREE EBOOK - 7 Ways to Stay Positive in Challenging Times

7 Ways to Stay Positive in Challenging Times will help you learn powerful ways to manage the changes in your life. Discover key strategies for responding to change, experience more positive ways of thinking, and develop an action plan for moving forward and achieving your dreams.



Cara Rose-Brown

Messnger Ebook

As children of technology, our youth are looking for something that speaks to them in their language. Messnger is that book. Written entirely in on-line chat language, best selling author Cara Rose-Brown inspires and empowers youth through the teachings of the Universal Laws to take back ownership of their life.


Barry Maher

Free Chapter

A free chapter of Filling the Glass by Barry Maher, a book that was honored as ""[One of] The Seven Essential Popular Business Books"" by Today's Librarian magazine. Translated around the world, it's extraordinarily readable and entertaining, yet so rich in content it's recommended reading at places like Columbia Business School.





Atim Kavi

Money Secrets of Wildly Successful Women Entrepreneurs

Imagine... No more guessing how to make more money in your business. Stop the chaos. Move past being overworked, overwhelmed and making less money than you deserve.

Isn't it time you created the Business and the Life of Your Dreams?

Get a grip on your business finances so you can stop stressing about money. Because money doesn't matter. You Do.




Andreea Vanacker

Discover the ten secrets to a success-focused personality and turn your dreams into reality. Get a free copy of Chapter 1 from the Successonality book by signing-up to the Successonality Newsletter ( and learn how you can let your personal and professional success blossom.




11:11 Magazine

11:11 Magazine FREE 'Break Through' Issue

FREE Issue of 11:11 Magazine themed 'Break Through' - Enjoy a special issue of 11:11 Magazine, providing empowering conversations with Arielle Ford on Soulmates, Colin Tipping on Radical Forgiveness, the healing work of Howard Wills , 2012 by Drs. JJ & Desiree Hurtak and more! Empowering messages are all around us...Are you listening?








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